Society Security Taxes You are American worker, you must do all you can to work exchange your free daily life needs (That how you need to look for the best mankind [That means he must be a married man <Single man must not be your boss, because even you do all you can to help him balance the book close to zero, his talent and working integrity 酒店打工can still draw evil doer fake man liar to kiss his ass to eat him piece by piece, drip by drip, like those best integrity technicians, tailers, shoe makers, surgery doctors, engineers, "Too Good to be True" Angus Tung $$That may explain how come I was so shocke 景觀設計d when he was called up by our elementary music teacher "Chyo.Zhi.Die" to try to show his voice up, he obviously noticed my shocked sight, therefore, he just lost his stomach to show off and stepped down immediately. I remember there's a time he was on stage along with his Choir tea 居酒屋m, I saw him sounding like voiceless, then he suddenly revealled an awful voice that made me thought he lost his ability to sing, therefore, I had not ever thought he could have anything to do to make living with singing.$$...etc. etc. slaved and controlled by female dressed animals. That how even your 買屋boss is a real strong woman, she still need to have a little man loyal to her to shield her from ass kissed by those evil doers liars fake man.> who service his wife loyally.] boss to work for him.), so that you and your boss does not pay society security Taxes (Do not ever think you can indeed get the society security ta 辦公室出租xes paid by you back to you at your later time, because USA evil law makers not ever indeed want you have any chance to get that back unless you are willing slaved by them. Even you don't believe my words, you should use your brain cell and common sense to question yourself, how could you can have the energy and brain cell to fight your suck 西裝外套ing Social Security public workers when they denied to recognize the paper you presents to them, how could you be able to keep your organization ability at you old age when you cannot even be good enough to organize your own body like you can now? Not mention you can lose all your ability of memory any figure or spelling like your late President Reagon showed even in his W 租辦公室hite House time.) to feed your evil fed government enemy within and their underground chained slavery terrors in larged at your own place, currently the society security taxes in USA is 15.3% of your salary that worse than any Chinese said "C.Shit.蟲"-"Golf.Lead.Die" criminal; you must do all you can to make your boss own business can have balance to close to "Zero", so that your boss 訂做禮服must have no room to have social, so that your boss must have no room to draw evil doers ass kissers fake man liars to red eyed him or her; you must do all you can to lower the sale taxes, that must mean you do all you can to avoid shopping any tax items (That how OPEC should tell USA government to stop tax gasolin or any oil linked products, otherwise, they must not sell any drop to be shippled into USA market, a 酒肉朋友nd after they stopped shipment to USA, they can do the same demanding to the rest of the government, not to ship any oil to any place that dare use oil as their tax tool to slave the people to feed their evil public workers.) , so that you can force all evil doers liars fake man out of your government office.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 帛琉  .


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